Ci Design Starts an 8U Revolution with its New NSR 850/862

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Irvine (September 13, 2010) – Ci Design’s commitment toward innovative and progressive design is evident through its newest storage solution, the NSR 850/862. Supporting up to 62 hot-swappable hard drives, this server storage system is ready to handle the data demands of almost any SMB environment. Cost-effective without compromising performance, this unit maximizes storage efficiency to save business owners money with every terabyte. Compatible with the industry’s newest 6G technology, data and applications can be saved and transferred faster than ever. With its cost-effective performance and optimal transfer speeds, the NSR 850/862 is the perfect storage foundation for the business environment.

Leveraging the inherent benefits of its 8U form factor, the NSR 850/862 combines cost-effective storage with hassle-free maintenance. By linking up to 62 hard drives with a single chipset, this unit eliminates the need to purchase multiple 1U or 2U enclosures to fill growing storage demands. The high-capacity of this system eliminates the need for costly additional hardware, resulting in a lower cost per TB than smaller enclosures. iStoragePro’s trademark design touches also make repairing this 8U unit easy and efficient. Sliding motherboard trays and easy-to-remove, hot-swappable fans make it easy for IT professionals to access the system, eliminating the need for time-consuming disassemblies. With lengthy repairs a thing of the past, entrepreneurs can focus on expanding their companies.

With its advanced backplane interface, the NSR 850/862 has blazing fast transfer speeds. Featuring an integrated backplane design which supports both SATA 3 GBps and SATA/SAS 6 GBps technology, this unit is built for data intense environments. System administrators can choose between the cost-effectiveness of 3G and the next-generation performance of 6G. The versatility of the NSR 850/862 gives entrepreneurs the option to upgrade their storage to the fastest speeds possible. Also, with both standard and extended ATX M/B support, the possibilities for customization are limitless. The advanced engineering of this storage system allows business professionals to create the perfect solution for their needs.

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