Kits & Brackets


Ci Design takes into consideration your sketches, dimensions, tolerances, specifications, and order quantity specifications to create the ideal solution for you and your business. Consider:

  • Brackets for standard rackmount dimensions from 1U and up
  • Brackets for tower-style, portable-style, or custom-shaped enclosures
  • Solution-based bracket sets
  • We take both small and large volume orders depending on specifications

Industry Solutions

Kits & Brackets are integrated into several industries, including:

A Wide Array of
Computer Kits & Bracket Solutions

Kits & Brackets cover an array of solutions depending on system specifications.

  • Bracket Kits
    Create a solution-based set of brackets.
  • Custom Individual Brackets
    Create independent bracket solutions to your specifications. Mix and match industry standards, or create something completely new.
  • Standard Individual Brackets
    Create independent bracket solutions based on industry standards.
  • Hat Bracket
  • L Bracket
  • Pan
  • 2-Sided Pan
  • 3-Sided Pan
  • Plate
  • Round Plate
  • Single Wing U
  • U Bracket
  • Z Bracket

As a custom OEM & ODM solutions provider, Ci Design is capable of supporting virtually any custom kit & bracket design for any system. To name a few:

  • Computer Mount Brackets
  • Workstation Mounts
  • PC Mounts
  • Computer Desktop Mounts
  • Computer Accessory Brackets
  • Monitor & Hard Drive Mounts
  • Router, Switch, & Modem Mounts
  • Server Rack Brackets
  • Server Rack Shelves
  • Server Rack Blanking Panels
  • Server Rack Accessories
  • PC Card Brackets
  • PCI Brackets

Custom Brackets for Various Applications

Ci Design is your source for custom kits & brackets for virtually any application and industry. Some solutions we provide include:

  • Bearing Plate & Mounting Brackets
  • Industral Equipment Brackets
  • Machine Guard Panel Brackets
  • Industrial Drip Pans
  • Conveyor Brackets
  • Pallet and Packaging Brackets

Design From Start To Finish

Our specialists have you covered from start to finish, including covering mechanical design, electrical design, and several other services for your custom project.

Design Services

  • From Concept to Completion
  • Tooling Design & Manufacturing
  • Customized Mechanical Products
  • Plastic Molding & Injection
  • Pressure Die Casting
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Advanced Digital Prototyping
  • Adherence to Safety Agency Policies & EMI Considerations during Design Process

A Step Further

  • Agency & Regulatory Services Include:
    UL, CSA, TUV, CE, FCC, NEBs, & MIL
  • Special Materials, Coating, & Finishing Design
  • Product Packaging & Graphics Design
  • Acoustics, Vibration, Noise Design & Testing
  • Thermal & Air Flow Verification
  • Low/High Volume Prototypes & Production Support
  • Custom Component Sourcing
  • Environmental Compliant Design
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Global Support (with facilities in USA, Asia, & Europe)

with Advanced Digital Prototyping

Ci Design Engineers work closely with clients to create accurate and valid drawings of each OEM & ODM project.
We help you visualize your pre-production product using the latest, high-end 3D engineering software available.

  • 3D Sample Drawings
    3D sample drawings are generated during the Product Development Phase, and interactive, 3D-animated digital mockups are completed for client review.
  • 3D Renders
    To give an even more realistic impression of what the product will look like, we also provide hyper-realistic 3D renders of each product.
  • Get a realistic impression before Fabrication and Production
    Digital Prototyping is so accurate, it’s able to give you a realistic impression of how your product looks, works, and feels at a fraction of the cost. We’ll help you finalize your design to perfection before ordering the physical prototype.

Creating Your Custom
Kit & Bracket Solutions

Brackets are one of the most flexible products on the market, and as such is equally flexible when it comes to design and customization. During the OEM & ODM process of figuring out the ideal solution that fits you, we consider the following:

  • Loading
    The specifics of what the bracket will be holding, resisting, and overall static load it will be sustaining.
  • Material
    While this is flexible based on specifications, standard materials include Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel.
  • Shape & Dimensions of Holes
    Designed based on the unit that the bracket is holding We work out the specifics with you while considering:
  • Shape of the unit it’s holding
  • Bracket Load Capabilities
  • Bracket Manufacturing Costs
  • Bracket Material Thickness
  • Bracket Shape
  • Added strength support, such as Gussets
  • Overall Bracket Strength
  • Mounting Holes
    All brackets have these, and they are designed based on the associated unit’s specifications. Consider:

    • How the unit will be mounted
    • The types of screws and bolts that will be used
    • Where screws and bolts can be applied and where they cannot
    • Tapped Holes
    • Countersinks
  • Material Finishing
    For aesthetics as well as for protective coating.
  • Manufacturing & Cost Control
    We’ll collaborate with you to create the ideal solution that works with your budget and project requirements.
  • Design
    • Laser-Cut Flat Blanks
    • Mounting Holes
    • Forming Processes
    • Welding Processes

NCT Manufacturing Systems

NCT or Numerical Controlled Machine Technology is one of the most cost-effective solutions for the production of complex, custom OEM & ODM solutions. These advantages include:

  • More bang for your buck
    • More productivity at smaller costs
    • High level of accuracty and precision
    • Incredibly safe procedures
  • Easier to figure out material requirements
  • Backtrack and make design changes with ease
  • Highly-efficient machining procedures
  • Ability to store production & design details for future integration
  • A Head Start on Time Management
    • Reduced leadtime
    • Reduced manufacturing time
    • Optimized production procedures
  • Produce higher quality products
  • Optimized testing phases
  • Simplified pre-production planning
  • Reduction of product fabrication errors

Hard Tooling

Hard Tooling is an even more ideal solution for the mass production of custom OEM & ODM solutions, with emphasis on generating higher quality products.

  • Includes highly-customized die-casting process
  • Used as a highly durable production method in “metal stamping”
  • Consistent quality & accuracy
  • Great for high-volume production, capable of producing thousands to millions of parts

Laser Cutting

A popular method for cutting materials in the industrial manufacturing process, Ci Design utilizes Laser Cutting technology to create high-quality surface finishes for flat-sheet materials, including stainless steel and aluminum.

Testing & Verification

In keeping with our mission to provide our customers with the best solutions possible, each design undergoes multiple testing & verification processes by our experienced engineers. Each unit undergoes power, thermal, drive support, and EMC testing before it is approved for production.

Your Choice of
Materials, Colors, & Styles

Along with custom labeling options, Ci Design can customize your unit to reflect the materials, colors, and styles that identify your specific brand.

Cold Rolled Steel
Galvanized Steel
High Strength, Low Alloy, Steel
Hot Rolled Steel
Sheet Metal
Spring Steel
Stainless Steel
Sterling Silver

Other Materials

Carbon Fiber
PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Customize Your Own Styles

At Ci Design, we know that branding is more than just a logo on a faceplate – it’s the aesthetics and overall feel of the product that fill in the rest of the picture.

To support this level of customization, we offer an array of tools and capabilities for your convenience:


  • Aluminum Casting & Extrusion
  • Brazing
    Removing material from metallic strips or blank areas.
  • Embossing
    Raised, sunken, or relief designs & patterns.
  • Metal Blanking
    Punching, cutting, or shearing stock metal materials, usually in preparation for additional design processes.
  • Metal Stamping
    Forming strip or sheet metals using extreme pressure.
  • Notching
    Removing material from metallic strips or blank areas.
  • Press Braking
    Bending, blanking, corrugating, curling, notching, perforating, piercing, or punching metals.
  • Punching
    Forming metal components.
  • Roll Forming
    Creating shapes and contours.
  • Shearing
    Cutting metals.
  • Welding
    Joining metals, including grinding, polishing, filling voids, preparation and priming for painting or other designs processes.


    • Liquid Wet Paint
    • Electrochromic Paint
    • Latex Paint
    • Oxidative Cure Coatings
    • UV Curing Paints

Powder Coating

    • Epoxy
      Tough, chemically resistant material.
    • Hybrid
      Similar to epoxies, with some UV and overbake advantages.
    • Polyurethane
      Polyester Urethane, exterior durable, thin film.
    • Acrylic
      Durable and resistant material.
    • PVDF
      Polyvinylidene Flouride, or “Kynar” – highly-durable commercial resin.


    • Injection Molding
    • Vacuum Forming
    • Thermo Forming

Rust-Resistant Coating

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheets
    Carbon steel sheets coated with zinc, and held together via a layer of iron-alloy bonding.
  • Hot-Dip or Mechanical Galvanized Plating
    Steep dipped into a molten zinc bath, also known as After-Fabrication Hot-Dip Galvanizing, or Batch or General Galvanizing.
  • Zinc Plating
    Steel immersed in a zinc salt solution, and treated with an electric current.
  • Black Oxide
    A durable, dark matte surface formed by a chemical reaction between steel and hot oxide. Great for electrical cabinet brackets.
  • Electrostatic Powder Paint
    Application of dry paint via spray gun, electrostatic charge, and heat. Creates a tough finish that is durable in external environments.
  • Industrial & Wet Paints
    Prepared with quality primer and the same grade of paint used in the automotive industry to create a tough and durable bracket.

Material Finishes

  • Aluminum Standard Finish
  • Standard Steel Finish
  • Floor Plate
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Jitterbug Non-Symmetrical Sanded Finish
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • Stainless Steel Polished Finish

Customize Your Own Colors

Mix, match, and customize not only materials, but also your colors to showcase your specific brand. We support virtually any Pantone (PMS) color specification.

Solutions for Established Providers & Industry Entrepreneurs

Our 25+ years of experience is available to help you build your solution, every step of the way.

Project Management

  • Support for both large- and small-scale projects
  • Achieving results Quickly and Efficiently
  • Controlled use of Budget and Resources
  • Constant Communication via Open Contact Window for the duration of each project
  • Design & Revision Control


We have several international manufacturing centers, totaling over 20,000 square feet of top-of-the-line facilities to handle virtually any volume of production our clients may anticipate. Our Production Team is supported by advanced 3D engineering software, detailing every aspect of each manufacturing project to ensure high quality, error-free results. Each product endures thorough testing, from the drawing board to the final delivery.

Order Management, Configuration, & Logistics Support

We don’t just focus on the manufacturing side of our projects — we take it a step further:

  • Continued post-sales support
  • Streamlined production procedures, minimizing the time-to-market phase
  • Customer service satisfaction
  • Satisfaction with the final product
  • Access to fully-trained technical support team

A Dedicated Team
That’s Got You Covered

On behalf of our valued customers, our OEM & ODM services comes with a dedicated OEM account management team, including project managers, fully-trained technical systems specialists, engineers, OEM & ODM solutions consultants, customer service professionals, and a tried-and-true experienced technical support team.

Get your Free Consultation to find out more
about how we can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Compliance with Quality Standards

Ci Design is an ISO QMS 9001:2008 certified manufacturer with a commitment to higher quality and customer satisfaction. We are proud to be one of the leading innovators of the design, development, manufacturing, and integration of over 1,000 OEM & ODM computer server and storage system solutions with more than 25 years of experience.

Warranty & Repair Services

In line with our mission to provide the best quality service to our valued customers, Ci Design sports a standard 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty program to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction after the final delivery of each project. Our dedicated Technical Support Team is here to help you:

  • Analyze hardware or software system failure
  • Provide warranty replacement services
  • Offer refurbishment and repair of Ci Design Products
  • Support you with system upgrades
  • Provide technical services tailored to your specific business needs