Getting Started

Start From the Drawing Board

You're at the draft stage of your design

Ci Design is here to provide you with the perfect combination of design ingenuity and established engineering experience to help you develop and verify your design, and send it to production.

Tell us about your idea

And we'll turn it into reality

Whether it's a completed idea, or a work in progress, our OEM & ODM specialists are here to help you build your ideal design. Below are some considerations to get us started (don't worry if you don't have all the answers, that's what we're here for!).
  • What type of solution are you shooting for?
  • Are there any components or particular functions you require?
  • What other systems, configurations, or solutions will be integrated with this unit?
  • Are there any specifications, requirements, or regulations we should be aware of?

Send us your sketches

  • Sketches & drafts, on paper, JPEGs or PDFs
  • Technical Drawings
  • Concept Drawings

Things To Consider

If you don't have this information, don't worry. Our OEM & ODM specialists can walk you through.


  • As many as possible
  • Lengths and widths of each component, bracket, and flange
  • Sizes of holes, distances between parts, etc


  • Acceptable Error Margins (+0.000, -0.002, etc)
  • Measurements, values, metrics (mm vs inches)


  • Choice of materials, finishes, and any custom stylistic requirements
  • Choice of paints, colors, powder coating
  • Label & Logo specifications, silk screening, engraving, pad printing, bevelling & embossing
  • Any custom faceplate bezel work
  • Other services you may require, such as custom packaging

Start With a 2D/3D CAD Model

Submit a 2D or 3D Model draft for the most cost-effective, accurate results

Ci Design is equipped with a team of experienced OEM & ODM Specialists who can review your 2D or 3D drawings and help you speed through the process before production. Submitting partially- or fully-completed drawings will not only bring costs down, but also ensure that less information is lost in translation, and that design specifications are as accurate to your custom requirements as possible.

We Accept Several File Formats

This list includes, but is not limited to:
  • AutoCAD Formats
  • CATIA Formats
  • IGES
  • Pro/E Formats
  • Solid Works & Solid Edge Formats
  • STEP Files
  • Parasolids

Build Around Pre-Selected Components

You've got all the parts. Now you just need the Chassis.

Ci Design is fully capable of working with virtually any combination of pre-selected inner components, and building a chassis around it that fits your business. This approach will not only bring costs down, but speed us past several design specification procedures, and bring us as close to your custom requirements as possible.

What components are you interested in?

The more you can tell us, the better we can serve you. On the right, we have a list of popular components with their associated solutions:

Server Chassis

  • Motherboard
  • Backplane & PCB
  • Interface Connections
  • Power Supply (single or redundant)
  • Active/Passive Heat-Sink Thermal Solutions
  • Fan-based Cooling System
  • Hard Drives (HDDs)
  • Contact us for more ideas

Storage Chassis

  • Backplane & PCB
  • Interface Connections
  • Power Supply (single or redundant)
  • Active/Passive Heat-Sink Thermal Solutions
  • Fan-based Cooling System
  • Hard Drives (HDDs)
  • Contact us for for more ideas

Re-Design & Upgrade

We'll help you re-imagine and improve on a previous design

There are times when recreating the wheel simply isn't economical. Rather, it makes more sense to make adjustments to upgrade an existing model and streamline the production process. If that's you, Ci Design's got you covered. Reverse Engineer your solution, including (but not limited to):
  • End-of-Life (EOL) Products, Brackets, or Accessores
  • Legacy Product Lines
  • Re-Designing or Re-Building replacements for incorrect, incomplete, or otherwise unavailable units or components
  • Create environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Create more cost-effective solutions to overpriced configurations

Value Engineering

Value Engineering, or the de-construction and analysis of a product or unit to find more cost-effective solutions, is our forte. Our team will help you figure out the best design configurations and manufacturing processes that fit both your product specifications and budget requirements.

How we break it down with Reverse Engineering

The OEM & ODM specialists at Ci Design apply several years of industry know-how to take apart and analyze your legacy hardware, and to create new and improved solutions that fit your needs. Our Reverse Engineering capabilities include:
  • Generating Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) models of existing parts
  • Measuring & Reconstructing legacy parts into comprehensive 3D & CAD models
  • Create digital 2D & 3D records of products
  • Producing technical assessments of products

Your Brand on a Ci Design Product

Pick any unit to modify

For quick and easy OEM & ODM solutions, Ci Design has a wide array of standard products for you to modify, re-configure, rebrand, and send to production at your convenience. This saves not only time and money, but takes you past several validation and designing processes necessary with fully-customized projects. Browse through any of our solution-based products: Or any of our product lines:

Add your logo & rebrand

Once the inner components are configured to your custom specifications, you can add your logo and brand it with your unique style. We offer several branding services, including:

Keep what you like, drop what you don't

Each of our standard units can be customized from the top down. Choose what components and features you'd like to keep, and remove those you don't. Here's a comprehensive list of features and components commonly used in our products:
  • Components
    • Motherboard
    • Backplane & PCB
    • Interface Connections
    • Power Supply (single or redundant)
    • Active/Passive Heat-Sink Thermal Solutions
    • Fan-based Cooling System
    • Hard Drives (HDDs) & HDD Trays
    • LCD Screens
    • LED Lights
    • Alarms & Alerts
    • Handlebars
    • Bezel Doors
  • Features
    • RAID Protection Interface
    • Bus-Powered Units
    • Vibration Absorption & Resistance
    • Acoustics & Low-Noise Design
    • Special Material Finishes & Coatings
    • Environmentally-Friendly Design

Jumping into the Design Process

Our experienced team will be with you every step of the
OEM & ODM Design Process, which is based on five straightforward phases:

  • Concept Development Phase
  • Product Development Phase
  • Prototype Phase
  • Pre-Production Phase
  • Production Phase

Quantity & Pricing

One critical factor in our pricing model is the volume and frequency of your order – the more you can tell us about your plans, the more accurately we can quote you. We make it our business to work with your budget and your specifications to guarantee customer satisfaction. Consider:

  • Budget Requirements & Cost Estimates
  • Quantities, Volume, & Frequency
  • Materials & Availability
  • Tooling & Machining Requirements
  • Level of Customization