Terms & Conditions

Domestic C.O.D. with credit limit is our primary method of transacting business. For international customers, the primary method of transacting business is prepayment via wire transfer of funds (T/T) irrevocable letters of credit. For L/Cs please contact our international sales department for instructions, guidelines and other acceptable payment methods. If you are located in Europe, Middle East or Africa, then please contact your sales representative for our bank information.


(United States) First time shipments are automatically approved to ship C.O.D. with company check up to a credit limit of $500.00. First time shipments over $500.00 or subsequent shipment over this limit are shipped C.O.D. cashers checks. Ci DESIGN CONSIDERS C.O.D. STATUS AN EXTENSION OF CREDIT. For credit limits over the pre-assigned $500 limit, please be prepared to submit bank and trade reference information. information received is kept strictly confidential. Please allow two (2) weeks for processing.

Late Charges

Ci Design will charge a 1% per month late charge for all overdue invoices. Delinquent invoices will be assessed a minimum one month’s late charge and 1% per month until payment is received in full.

Bounced Checks

Ci Design will charge a $25.00 handling fee and may assess up to (3) times the amount of the check (maximum allowed by law). NSF checks are recorded in your payment history file which will affect future credit decisions and possibly cause our business relationship to cease. Be prepared to Federal Express overnight a.m. delivery a replacement cashier’s check or confirm a wire transfer of funds with a 24 hour notification from your bank if NSF checks occur. Repeated NSF occurrence will cause your account to revert to C.O.D. cashier’s check or prepayment status.

Credit Application

Please download the Bank and Trade Reference Form below. Fax information is mandatory for Trade Reference Form. Credit application will not be processed without the fax number of your trade reference.

Credit Application Form (US)

Please allow at least 7 – 10 days to process your application.