About Ci Design

We are customizers of IT Products

Founded in 1983, Ci Design has evolved from a designer and manufacturer of computer peripherals to a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of custom, high-density solutions for OEM & ODM, custom enclosures and PCB backplanes, data storage, and integrated accessories. Through this extensive experience, we have built a powerful reputation for some of the most dependable, high-performance storage and server solutions in the IT industry.

"A Better Design A Better World"

It’s not just a slogan — it’s our business philosophy.

Ci Design’s engineers set the industry standard by creating tomorrow’s technology today. Each design team demonstrates a high level of expertise in electronic and mechanical engineering, which is then streamlined into the manufacturing process.

Our engineers use powerful design tools such as AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, and OrCAD to offer innovative solutions customized specifically for your IT needs. You tell us what you need, and we thrown in our experience and expertise to build your server and storage package.

Our Headquarters

Headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, USA, Ci Design also maintains design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.

What People Are Saying

Extremely Impressed

I have been extremely impressed with the quality and attention to detail demonstrated by you and your team. You have not only provided us product, on time and to spec, but have anticipated our need and gone beyond the call of duty. I.E. – you included all the hardware we needed to assemble the first systems.

Reliable & Manageable

Our business is built on CIDesign’s Direct Attached Storage units. They are reliable, manageable, and affordable. CIDesign is committed to service and support of their units, which perform well beyond their expected life cycle. We highly recommend CIDesign for your direct-attached storage needs.

Powerful, Flexible, and Affordable

Powerful, flexible and affordable. The raid subsystem is loaded with features but easy to configure. The enclosure and backplane is well engineered. The iStoragePro product line is a great solution for virtualization environments, performance demanding application servers or just simple near-line storage for archiving purposes. It’s very difficult to recommend storage solutions. Usually they are too expensive or the feature set is incomplete. Ci Design products have great backplane design and exceptional chassis features: power, cooling, packaging, materials, etc. Systems are always designed with the best quality components and technology available. The iR16IS4ER system is a great choice for companies needing 16 TB or 32 TB of storage. The iSCSI controller is hardware accelerated and the front panel LCD helps with monitoring and configuration The embedded web portal provides complete system management.