Medical Portfolio

Streamlining the Medical Industry

With hospital records and medical research becoming increasingly digitized, Ci Design has remained on top with cutting edge solutions for the medical industry.

Healthcare professionals have relied on Ci Design solutions to:

  • Archive sensitive records and profiles on patients
  • Store MRI and CAT scan analyses
  • Record valuable data for medical research
  • Organize X-Ray test results for further study
  • Optimizing hospital records and reports into manageable databases
  • Improve hospital workflows with increased server-side efficiency

Applications for the Healthcare and Medical Industry

  • Encrypted, secure shared storage and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access
  • Windows Server Automated Deployment Service (ADS) support
  • Local desktop and network backups
  • Web servers and convenient, online databases
  • Security and surveillance

Customize Your Solution

  • Enhanced Design for higher EMI and ESD Protection
  • Optimize for archiving and database integration
  • Multi-layer backup and data protection
  • Secure encryption for sensitive files