Custom Bezel Portfolio

Bezels: The Front Door

Customizing the bezel door to any unit is key to creating brand awareness for any IT product line. At Ci Design, we offer more than 25 years of trusted OEM & ODM experience to help you define this awareness at the enterprise level.

The Beauty of Customization

  • Choose from a multitude of styles, colors, and patterns made to order
  • Add your own logo or brand to the design
  • Satisfaction with a design that not only tells your customers who you are — get a design your customers will remember you by

Building Your Solution

  • Customized Bezel for Rackmount/Desktop Systems
  • Choose from Metal, Aluminum, or Pastic Materials
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Flexibility for all your custom branding needs

Find out more about designing custom bezels as a branding solution.