The 2.5″ NSRII 224 SAS Expander, the Latest Storage Powerhouse from Ci Design

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Irvine (September 19, 2010) – Ci Design condenses over twenty years of experience into its newest storage system, the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander. Fast, safe and dependable, this 2U rackmount-style unit is specifically tailored for growing demands of the business environment. With modern commerce moving at record speeds, entrepreneurs can optimize their workflows with the unit’s exceptional transfer speeds and advanced RAID protection. Equipped with industry’s fastest interface, the latest data protection options and dynamic Daisy Chain Technology, the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander makes it easy to turn time into money.

Designed for speed and efficiency, this storage solution is ready to handle even the most demanding computing environments. Equipped with high-speed MiniSAS technology, the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander is capable of handling large volumes of data quickly and seamlessly. With the time saved on file transfer, digital professionals and entrepreneurs can spend more time moving their businesses forward. Not only does the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander give business owners the fastest interface in the industry, but also the versatility to match. Through Daisy Chain Technology, system administrators can linkup to five enclosures together for a maximum 120 TB of storage. Thus, they can customize their storage capacity to match computing demands without the need to replace entire data centers. With these innovative features, the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander is an ideal storage solution for growing businesses.

The engineers at Ci Design understand that speed and efficiency offer nothing without the proper data protection. With the latest in RAID technology, the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander makes data protection its first priority. Compatible with RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and JBOD configurations, this storage solution is equipped with some of the most advanced data protection options available. Between the high-performance of RAID 0 and the data-redundancy of RAID 5, system administrators can choose the best configuration for their storage needs. And, by taking advantage of its smaller, more efficient 2.5” drives, the system can also reduce heat-build up and power consumption while lowering operating costs. Dependable and efficient, the 2.5” NSRII SAS Expander will be the cornerstone of nearly any integrated storage solution.

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