OEM & ODM Services

Branding More Info

Emphasize your brand with custom logo applications, custom packaging, and styles unique to your solutions and product

Kits & Brackets More Info

Create custom Bracket Kits, Individual Brackets, or Industry Standard Brackets.

Server Chassis More Info

Design anything from Web & FTP Servers to Proxy Servers, Internal Servers, and even Online Game Servers.

Storage Chassis More Info

Create your custom data storage solution, from portable-sized external hard drives to tower- and rackmount-based designs.

Laser Cutting

Perform the precise cutting method

Plastic Injection

Complete your plastic product requirements


Provide the flexibility of sheet metal processes


Precise process to make your product better


Fast way to form the metal parts

Aluminum Extrusion

Cost effective process to make your Aluminum cases or parts

Die Casting

Melting aluminum or zinc to form the products you need

Mock Up

Cut the sample validation time

Eye Diagram

Make sure the accuracy of signal Integrity

CRC Testing

Validate the Data Communication and Integrity

3D Printing

Help to validate the design faster than Rapid prototyping of some small parts

Thermal Stimulation

Faster way to check the design closely to the actual prototype

PCB Design

PCB Design / Layout / Manufacturing and Turnkey services


Power supplies, Fans, Cables, Screws, Slide Rails, Switches, Other Sub-Assembly Parts (Call us)